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Winter Safety Low Boot

Unique Polyver’s polyurethane (PU)

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SwedenMade in Sweden

  • Material :  Polyurethane
  • Lining  :  Acrylic

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Steel toecap 

Stainless steel sole

Non-slip sole 

Evacuation channels 

No seams 

Acrylic inner lining 

  • Thermo + insulation
    Excellent protection from the cold +5°C / -40°C
  • Lightness
    40% lighter than a rubber or PVC boot
  • Flexibility
    Even at very low temperatures
  • 100% watertight
    No seams
  • Stiff outsole
    Stability and shock absorption
  • Ergonomic shape
    Good ankle support
  • Acrylic inner lining 
    Warm and quick drying 
  • EN ISO 20345:2011 S5 CI SRC certified 
  • Evacuation channels SRC standard 
    Easily eliminate all liquids and solid foreign bodies and facilitates decontamination
  • Cleats
    Provide excellent grip, especially on snow and ice 
  • Resistance to abrasion, hydrocarbons, oils, and industrial lubricants
  • Antistatic treatment 
    Diverts static electricity and offers electrical impedance from 100 kOhm to 1000 MOhm
  • Stainless steel anti-perforation sole
    Prevents spikes or any other sharp object from puncturing the shoe - Withstands 1100 Newtons
  • Steel toecap built into the polyurethane 
    Protects from impacts with an energy equivalent to 200 joules (i.e. a 20-kg load falling from 1 m) and from crushing with a force equivalent to 1500 kg.

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